Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Healthy Harvests, Weekend Shenanigans and Quiet Reflection of a Past Tragedy

This past weekend kicked off with a pretty great harvest from my garden. Lot's of hot peppers, weirdly shaped carrots and some mystery peas that were grown from seeds labelled "green beans." I also picked a good stash of tomatoes that may have been eaten before I photo could be taken!

After a day at work, I boarded the 330 bus to Tantallon, where my grandmother was waiting for me. We greeted each other with the same surprising news (that story is for another day), and then made our way to Ingramport (aka no technology land - named as such for the lack of technology that exists or works at this location!). 

After dinner, Grammy suggested taking our tea outside to enjoy the cool and calm evening. This was the sunset we witnessed! The picture obviously does it no justice!

My grandmother's backyard.
Saturday, like Thursday, was a failed adventure since we were fog and rained out for most of it. But the two of us had fun exploring. The highlight was a visit with my grandmother's best friend Margaret - the most positive and incredible woman ever, who also happened to get a little Sidney Crosby fame a few weeks ago when he visited Camp Hill in Halifax. 

When we returned home, I decided to go check on the wild blueberries I randomly discovered growing a few months ago. It was quite the harvest!

There'll be plenty more where these bad boys came from!
I thought it important to provide my finger for scale. Smallest blueberries I've ever seen!
On Sunday, we took a drive to Bayswater, where a second (and unknown to me until the previous day) Swissair Memorial can be found. The other is near Peggy's Cove. 

The drive out was stunning, as most of the way is along a windy coastal road. And, with the sun shinning, it made it even more spectacular. It makes it really hard to watch the road when you have that to distract you! 

The memorial site itself was simple but impactful. This is the site where bodies of the victims have been laid to rest. It is covered by a forest canopy while overlooking the ocean. My grandmother and I were both amazed how that event happened almost 20 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. What a terrible time for so many families - but I was to be from Nova Scotia knowing and seeing so many people step up to care for those who had suddenly lost loved ones. 

Photo above is of the memorial site, and below the parking lot.
Such a tranquil resting place for such a horrific ending.
A few shots from along the road across the street.  Such a beautiful part of the world.

The weekend concluded with a relaxing read nap on the hammock. 

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend considering the disruption of my original plans due to a lurking, unwanted visitor (again, for a later post! I need to build suspense somehow!). Love getting to spend time in this place and with my grandmother. 

-the Orange Canadian

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