Monday, 8 August 2016

Is this a 4-way stop? The misadventures of a trip to Truro

Last Thursday, I thought was going to be a pretty big day. I'd made a mental list of things I wanted to do or see while I was home. Several of those items have been tackled. Last Thursday, I was hoping to take a trip to Truro, Nova Scotia in an attempt to climb up Jacob's Ladder in Victoria Park. 

I have heard many a great things about Victoria Park, and because I hate stairs, I figured this would be a great achievement. So, my best pal and I packed into the car with our first stop actually being the Masstown Market (because we needed hiking snacks, and well, Masstown Market!). 

We left Dartmouth, which was almost unbearably hot at 9:30AM. The sun was shinning, there was no rain in the forecast for days. That morning, while having coffee, I even commented to by brother that we hadn't had any rain in about 2 weeks. This, of course, is great for tourism, but bad for my garden! So anyway, we left sun-shiny Dartmouth, and before too long, the heavens opened up, and we found ourselves driving into rain. 

This did not deter us. We still made our way to Masstown. But the rain was getting heavier. So, instead of just grabbing a few things and making our way back to Truro, we stayed put for a bit. 

When the rain died down a bit, we decided to pay a quick visit to Great Village, because Matthew wanted to check out a favourite antique shop. Along the way, I noticed a sign that said "look off" with an arrow pointing off the main road. After our anti-q's stop, I made the executive decision to check out said look off. And, expecting to find myself overlooking some overwhelming expanse, we, instead, had a great laugh over the fact that there really wasn't much to see.

View from the look off. It's not the worst view I've ever seen, but it's no Canning/valley!
Self-photograph time!
Across the road from the look off. 
After the disappointment of the look off, we made our way back to Truro. We had already resigned to the reality that it would be far too wet for hiking. This was made even more obvious by the fact that on the short trip from Masstown to Truro, we had to pull over and wait for the rain to die down twice.  The rain was so heavy at times, we couldn't see anything in front of or behind us, and even the road was hard to locate!

But, eventually we made it to Truro. Here we took a brief trip around memory land, where Matthew showed me where his Ma had grown up, and we reminisced about Margolians and other shops that used to be found in this small town. Then we made our way back to the big city.

It was at this point that I made yet another executive decision. I thought it would be fun to make a quick stop at Mastodon Ridge to snap a photo of us with the mastodon replica that now faces arse-end* towards the highway.

It turns out, Mastodon Ridge is in great need of repair. Also, somethings just don't make sense. BUT on the up side, I clearly know how to pose like a caveman!

This is one of those why is this here pieces.
No, that's not the reincarnation of Jesus wearing puppy shorts.
No, it's just Matthew reluctantly posing with the Mastodon. 
Here is a fun fact about the infamous mastodon. My whole life, I have been under the impression that this spot was around for a long, long time (like before I was even born!). It turns out, the mastodon that gave birth to this would-be theme park, was only discovered in 1991! I couldn't believe it - that guy is almost as old as me!
Another shot of the not-so-old mastodon. Of course, this isn't what they found. This is a replica. 
A view if the highway and surrounding farm land in front of (or behind, I suppose) the mastodon.
After touring around the Ridge for a while, we called it a day and made our way back to Dartmouth. It may not have been the day either of us was expecting, but we sure had fun!

-the Orange Canadian

*Apparently the folks who own the home behind the park? were not so happy to look out and see a plastic mastodon bum. So, they petitioned the powers that be, and now, instead of seeing the face of the mastodon from the highway, you get mooned!

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