Sunday, 9 August 2015

Moose-ing Around: The Nova Scotian

Well, it's not a tops off day today, but I hadn't quite had enough 'cultural research,' so my pal, Sarah and I decided to head to Moose Coffee for Sunday brunch. You may remember me mentioning this spot, as I had attempted to have a bite there on Canada Day.

We planned to meet around 11, and were surprised to be greeted with a full house. We had about a half an hour wait, but were able to enjoy a cup of coffee outdoors as we waited.

When we were seated, we were handed the menu and we had a glance. I have to say, it was one elk of a menu, I didn't know how to antler. They even had amooseing names for some of their offerings. Sarah ordered a mix of sides, and I, being a Nova Scotian, obviously had to see how the Nova Scotia sammy was.

The Nova Scotian, with a poached egg and coffee!
They don't buck around.
The food was really good. Everything seemed fresh, and the portions could have been about calf of what they were. And that's no bull!

But seriously, Moose Coffee specializes in Canadian and American dishes. It's the only place I have found real pancakes here. And from the plates of fellow dinners, they look pretty darn good. If you haven't checked them out yet, or if you're planning to visit Manchester (or Liverpool, where they have two other locations!), you don't want to moose out!


Afterwards, we took to the streets of Manchester, for a little extension of our cultural research. Basically this was our way of putting off working on our dissertations. Learning I hadn't been to the Central Library, we made our way in that direction, only to discover it was not opened on Sundays. Not to worry, though, we broke in* continued on, and eventually found ourselves along a different part of the canal.

Town Hall  
The Central Library
Closed on Sundays.
Library Walk
This is where the cast of Friends hangout. 
Along the canal

-the Orange Canadian

*Man I hope the library is not broken into today!

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