Saturday, 8 August 2015

Tops Off!

Oh man, what a day! Tops off in Manchester, everyone! I repeat TOPS OFF IN MANCHESTER!

For those of you thinking that a bunch of people walked around topless in Manchester today... you're kind of right. A 'tops off' day means the sun is shining, and people wear actual summer clothing. So by 'tops off' the sirs walk around shirtless. And today, was one of those magical days that happen few and far between here in sunny Manchester!

To celebrate, a friend and I decided to break away from our laptops/dissertations and enjoy the nice weather for a bit. After we wrote a musical* about how to get out of writing our dissertations, we made our way to Castlefield (known as such because there once was a castle in the middle of a field. Makes sense.) to grab a drink and some food at The Wharf - a nifty joint along the canal. We had hoped to find a nice table outside, so we could really enjoy that sunshine, but unbeknownst to us, pretty much everyone else in Manchester had the same brilliant idea. So, we ate inside.

Lots of people out enjoying the sunshine!
After we ate (and man did we eat!), we took a stroll along the canal, where we came across a few random things, like a pirate ship, a bunch of drunk people, and some Canada Geese. Why I get so excited and feel the need to stop and take pictures of things that I would find easily at home, I do not know. Squirrels, ducks, and Canada Geese... can't help myself!

Some Canada Geese in the North Pennine Ring (the canal) 
Views from along the canal

Arrrrrr matey!
Canal selfie with Lisa!
While crossing from one side to another, there was a little underground was scary.
On our way back to uni, we took a slight detour and came across the Roman Gardens. This is the spot where Castlefield got its name. It's also where I ran into some family, so naturally we had to stop and get a photo.
The Castle. Kind of.
Family photo!
The field. And some ruins. 
Then we ended our 'cultural research' in Bollywood.

I don't understand what's going on with my face...
Just kidding! Back to the books... just won't end.

-the Orange (likely super sunburnt in the morning) Canadian

*To the chap who had the honour of walking behind us during this moment of pure creative genius: you're welcome.

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