Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I've got friends!: A story of solidarity within 1500 words.

Yep, that's right folks, this girl has made some friends AND went out on a Friday night... spontaneously... returning home just before midnight! Perhaps after writing that statement, I will be forced to change the 'has' to 'had' because these new found friends have not endured the delight of an eight o'clock bedtime Emily. Regardless, having social time was way overdue...and all because of a 1500 word critical review!

The first assignment for one of my classes entailed reading one of three articles, picking out the central arguments and finding literature to both validate and argue against it. I figured this would be easy, given the fact that I enjoy writing and usually find myself in the predicament of needing to add words in order to meet the word count. Not this time. No, this time I wrote almost double the word limit and then spent the remaining few days leading up to the deadline carefully cutting chunks of my work to fit the 1500 word count, all while attempting to produce a coherent argument. I thought about just giving up on the 'coherent' part and just focusing on the word part, but figured I should probably just try to do both. It was a good challenge and I felt confident, although nauseous as I pressed 'submit.'

...that is until the next morning when I realized in the first 15 minutes of my early Friday morning tutorial that I had mixed up a couple of terms. And that is why I can't tell you anything about the tutorial.

The night out was welcomed after a long month of nose-in-book. The "plan" was to go for a drink, and quickly transitioned to one of the most entertaining and random nights of my life. I think I have found my kind of people...

The next day, a very sleep-deprived Orange Canadian rolled out of bed, and made her way to RA training at the Students' Union. There were chips (or "crisps") present and promise of coffee, so it wasn't a difficult sell. Throughout the afternoon, I attended sessions on fundraising and environmental  program/event planning... pretty much a summary of my undergrad, less the ESSTers and the Duke children.

Yeah...that's me attempting to build a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti with the rest of the RA team
(just another Saturday afternoon!) - "stolen" from Facebook
"Stolen" from Facebook...I'm in there somewhere! 
All-in-all a pretty successful and social weekend. Now, if you'll excuse me I must nap for the next three weeks to make up for the sleep I lost on Friday night...

-the Orange Canadian

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  1. Glad to hear you are meeting your peeps, and having fun :)