Saturday, 13 September 2014

Update, frustrations, progress, and a little bitch-fest!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling the same level of 'blah' that I've felt for several weeks now. My visa application for Manchester came with a few hiccups, and as a result I wasn't leaving on time, thus making me a bit down. But, I was heading to the Valley to visit with two of my favourite profs and a good friend.

As I was making my way to Wolfville, my heart lightened as I came upon my favourite point in the drive where Blomidon is happily sitting in the distance. There is something about this moment that always makes me feel at home. And if there was one thing I needed, it was to be 'home.'

I was supposed to head to Manchester on Wednesday, as in... I should be in Manchester right now as I type. However, Wolfville was the next best thing. I had a great visit with one of my profs, and I'm now going to think of her as the good luck charm, if you will. For, as soon as we parted ways an email came through indicating that my visa has finally been approved and was now heading my way. Great! I thought - I'll be on my way soon! Then, as I was sitting with another prof it began to sink in...I'm actually leaving now...and I've got so much to accomplish in the next few days! Despite all of this, it was good to have a few last visits before I head across the pond.

Then something weird happened (enter the bitch-fest portion of this post). On my drive home, just a few exits from Wolfville, there had been a car accident. We were stopped on the highway for a half an hour to forty-five minutes. From where I was stopped, I could see massive clouds of smoke. Car accidents are (unfortunately) fairly common, but what struck me as odd, was that as we were waiting many of the passengers from other vehicles got out of their cars and proceeded to the scene - cameras and iPhones in hand. When did this become how we operate? I, by no means, have any idea if anyone was hurt, nor could I tell from my vantage point what was going on, but I just thought this is someone's loved one...why are you taking pictures? Having lost my mother in a car accident I wondered for a few moments if someone had done this at her scene. I had this vision floating around in my head as I waited, of my mother's lifeless body sitting in the driver's seat and crowds of people snapping photos to post to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. I have never had an urge to take photos of such an event, and I cannot imagine why anyone else would. Seriously... what is wrong with our society?!

Anyway, Manchester is soon to be my home, and I've got many things to accomplish. Luckily, I've been packed for a week. Now just to fork over the tuition, book flights, sell a car, and organize my life here in Canada. No big deal!

-the Orange Canadian

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