Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Operation Myrtle: The Big 9-0!

As I’ve already indicated, I recently returned back to Nova Scotia. It’s been pretty cold, and I almost immediately regretted leaving warm, sunny, goat-filled Uganda for snowy Canada. But, my main motivation made it all worth it - celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Two days after my arrival in Halifax, my brother and I packed into his car and made the drive to my grandmothers. We had one mission - surprising her with my return.

As we drive along the highway, Mike and I contemplated the best course of action to maximize on the surprise element, without causing her to have a heart attack. After all the goal of my return was to surprise and enjoy some quality time with her - not kill her!

Mike came up with a brilliant idea (since she was expecting him for breakfast), for me to wait until a few minutes after he went into the house. I, then, went to the door and knocked, waiting for her to answer. This was a key move, since he was able to capture the surprise perfectly from the warmth of inside Grammy’s house. Grab your kleenex, folks, because this one’s a tear jerker!

Video credit: Michael Kennedy

After the surprise, Mike departed and Grammy and I shared a day of quiet adventures. She kept looking at me to make sure I was actually there, which was pretty cute.

The following day all the family that was around and able joined us for a birthday potluck, which included some delicious eats, good conversation, and maybe a decapitated doll incident or two... You know, a regular Sunday family gathering!

All in all, I think she had a pretty good day. She failed miserably following her one instruction of “don’t do anything” given that she insisted on helping us prepare food and clean up. She’s a pretty incredible lady and I’m really glad she’s a part of my life*.

And the award for best grandkids EVER goes to...
Selfie credit: Michael Kennedy
To think this woman is 90 years old is unbelievable! She does pretty well on her own, and it’s always good to be reminded on the importance of independence.

Happy birthday, Grammy! I’ll catch up with you next week before I depart this country, once again!

-the Orange Canadian

*And not just because she sends me maple syrup and other assorted necessities from time to time!

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