Sunday, 1 January 2017

Nkoko B&E: An interesting end to a year that was

Happy New Year, folks! We've survived another one (unless there's something you're not telling me!)!

Let me first start by saying a BIG thank you to everyone that has been following my adventures, thoughts, and whatever else is spewed within the lines of this blog! Last year marked quite a successful one for the Orange Canadian. It saw the first time a month received over 1000 views, and then that was crushed by monthly results of 4000, 5000, and finished off with 7898 for December alone! In total the blog was viewed 24665 times, which is a MASSIVE difference over the last two! Still not really sure why all of a sudden I'm getting so much international love, but it's appreciated and I can only hope this new trend will continue. 

The stats as of this morning! Crazy to think that of 35000+ views a
little over 10000 of them happened in the two years before this past one!

Yesterday – the final day of 2016 – involved a bit of an incident. As I sat quietly in my flat reading a book (Reading for fun! How I have missed you!), an intruder entered my home sans permission. It turns out there’s been a ‘gang’ watching my home for a while now, and with my door slightly cracked, they decided to make their move. What they didn’t realize is that I had my camera nearby and captured it all. Actual video evidence below:

Hope I didn’t scare you - I actually live in a spot that is pretty safe, so no need to worry! It did, however, give me a bit of a jump, followed by a delighted chuckle! It was definitely the cutest break in I’ve ever had… actually I think it’s the only break in I’ve ever had, and I hope these are the only ones I ever experience*.

Nkoko, by the way, is the Luganda word for chicken. The little guy** that was bold enough to come in is one of the newborns from a few months ago. In fact, of the group of them born at that time, this little toot is the only one remaining. I’m not sure what happened to the others or when they disappeared, they just kind of weren’t there one day…

Anyway, here’s to a happier, healthier, more adventurous year ahead! I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve, so stay posted in the months to come!

-the Orange Canadian

*As I wrote this, they attempted to make another entrance, but apparently they had thoughts!

**…or girl. I don’t actually know as I never thought to check… Come to think of it, how can you tell when they are so little? Perhaps chicken gender identifier is not in the cards for my future career.

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