Sunday, 4 December 2016

Da Lemon 2 My Ginger

Once upon a time, on my first day of classes at the University of Manchester, I sat near, who I thought was, an uber cool* lady. She already had friends around her, and me, a loner at the time, felt like I would never achieve such greatness as being considered her friend too.

It turns out, that after several weeks of wanting to move from classmates to legit friends, it happened, and, one of the most epic friendships ensued. AND, it came in the form of my favourite blonde Brit** - Roller (aka the lemon to my ginger).

...shes' so cool! 
When we parted ways at the end of our program, I feared we might never meet up again, and that, like many great friendships I’ve had over the years, it would always remain in the cyber world. But, alas, the friendship gods granted me the greatest gift – a visit from my dear friend in Kampala***.

I must admit, the lead up to our reunion was filled with excitement and anxiety. It kind of felt like those moments before a first date when you’re waiting to see if the other person will actually show (not that I have any experience with that…). But it was amazing and filled with far less tears than I had prepared for.

The reunion! 
A tennis ball tree! ... actually, it's just a couple of avocados on one of the many
trees on the property were we stayed. Tennis ball trees, obviously aren't real... 
Over the course of the week, we spent time catching up (she’s basically a gossip hound), eating, and working. Well… she worked, I played the role of the awkward third wheel (another thing I obviously know nothing about…).

But we also experienced some really strange things, including:

1. A visit from the monkey birds (because they sound like monkeys – and it took me nearly 6 months of living in Kampala to figure out it was actually a bird making that noise!)

Video credit: Laura "Roller" Dempsey

2. The great ginormous flying cockroach incident (which had an off screen finish that I did NOT see coming!)

3. Early morning visits from monkeys (who knew there were monkeys in Kampala?!)

Video credit: Laura "Roller" Dempsey

4. A midnight serenade by my good friend B-Rok (a.k.a the one and only musical genius Lucky Brian).

Video credit: Laura "Roller" Dempsey

5. Boda chase good-byes (including the ever delightful, Vincent... who happens to be on the market, ladies!!)

Video credit: Laura "Roller" Dempsey

The week went by far too quickly, but hopefully there will be a future opportunity for her to travel back to Uganda soon. I mean, after all, I failed at introducing her to rolex!

-the Orange Canadian

*An assumption I obviously misjudged.
**And no, I’m not talking about Britney Spears.

***Meaning she came to Kampala… she’s not my friend from or living in Kampala.

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