Friday, 14 October 2016

My Kind of Kids!

The other night I was having a hard time sleeping. I ended up in the living room where I tossed and turned on the make-shift sofa*. By the time 2:30AM turned into 5:30AM, I was getting pretty frustrated. And that’s when it happened… I heard the most horrific sound. It sent me flashbacks to earlier this year when my Kampala neighbours conducted a massive goat slaughtering, and I thought to myself, oh no! Here we go again! But, in fact, it was not a goat slaughtering of any size. No, it was the pregnant goat I had noticed only the night before giving birth.

The result of the sounds of a presumably painful labour came in the form of two babies. I had originally thought one was solid black and the other solid white, but it turns out that they are each majority one colour, with spots of their siblings predominately colour. At any rate, they’re pretty friggin’ cute, and I’ve turned into a bit of a window creeper!

The initial shots. Apologies for being so blurry. 

At first I had only managed to capture the semi-blurry photo above, but the next day I happened to be looking out my bedroom window and saw them playing on the random pile of dirt in the yard. It was so cute, I quickly grabbed my camera and began filming for just long enough to capture the moment, while not feeling too creepy doing so. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture one of them first attempting to make it to the top of the dirt pile. This was actually what prompted me to gather my camera, because it made it a few steps up and the all fours came out from underneath, and it was simply adorable.

A few more post-video shots, just enough to solidify my creepiness!

Now, if only the children that live in the main house were this tolerable and entertaining… Or if I could track down some pajamas for the goats!!

-the Orange Canadian

*It’s a single mattress on the floor covered by a blanket, with two pillows for back rests – it’s pretty stylin’!

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  1. Lol @ your first thought being "yet another goat slaughtering"