Friday, 8 April 2016

Time flies in between sunburns

If you can believe, 6 months ago tomorrow, I was waking in the wee hours of the night, and off to the airport. It's also when I failed my first attempt at peeing on an airplane*.

Yes, 6 months ago, I was spending my final day in Canada after a VERY short trip home. I won't say these last 6 months have been nothing but rosy, because that would be a lie - life isn't 100% pink coloured lenses... unless, of course, you wear glasses that have lenses that happen to be tinted pink. But today I say goodbye to the office I have spent the bulk of my time in, while being in Uganda. And this, marks one of those not-so-rosy moments, because it means not getting to see the little family I've developed since my arrival on a nearly daily basis. Now, to be fair I still have a few weeks before my final goodbye as I head back to Canada, but I likely won't be returning to my desk, either.

It wouldn't be a day at the office without at least one "paparazzi" photo op...
I will miss imparting my "mature" ways on these folks. 
I honestly don't know what's wrong with my face.

Being as I'll likely be reflecting on my adventures with Michael during my final days, I figured now is the perfect time to ponder just how much this time has changed me, impacted how I see the world, and allowed me to fall in love with yet another country. I've had so many amazing opportunities during my time here - from schmoozing with government officials, to travelling the country meeting with some inspirational farmers, to "becoming" a hip-hop sensation, to setting the foundation for my next steps. I cannot, even for a second, deny the lasting impact this trip has given me. You never really know the beauty of life until you're driving down a road witnessing the most incredible sunset you've ever set your eyes on, only to find yourself in the middle of an epic lightening storm just a few short moments later. Nor can you appreciate the delicate nature of the human body, as I have earned more than one check mark in the health-related category of "what's the worst that could happen." But I wear each of those with a badge of honour! And, sure, there are some political matters that aren't the most ideal, but I know I'm taking a lifetime of memories and friendships home** with me.

I will be processing this experience in the months that will follow my return. It's difficult to grasp that for every memory I can actually remember, I'm forgetting a gazillion*** more.  But before I forget, know that each of you has shaped this little adventure in some way. It has been a blast - and I truly hope to see you soon!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must prepare for the Kennedy Sibling Tour, Take 2!

-the Orange Canadian

*What?! It's harder than it looks. TRUST me...
**Now, if only someone could explain to me why these friends can't come visit me in MY home country?! Perhaps that's a debate for another day...
***Actual number of memories I've forgotten per one remembered. 

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