Friday, 4 March 2016

I Gotta Booboo!

Well, it finally happened - I had a legitimate boda incident. And, while it wasn't that serious, I did lose some skin, but had a good laugh all at once.

Before arrival in Uganda, I was warned against using the much-feared boda-boda, or motorcycle taxi. I get it, they are pretty dangerous, most drivers aren't overly cautious, and well, there aren't really rules to the road here... or at least to the 'strict' standards of Canadian driving regulations. And, for the most part, I avoided using bodas until it became absolutely necessary... and only when I had what I like to call my 'muzungu headgear' or what normal people refer to as a helmet*.

One of the most delightful parts of this mishap was the fact that I got to (WARNING: Gross content ahead) pick the skin from out of the fibres of the freshly torn hole in my pants. This incidentally leaves me now with only 2 pairs of pants... Also, the fact that this incident occurred because my driver drove my knee into a police truck... that was parked. I literally got spoked by the corner of a parked truck. Excellent. Another tick off the list!

But, all is well that ends well. I am safe, and back to fearlessly riding bodas! Oh - and I got my visa renewed**, so it all worked out!

-the Orange Canadian

*Now I often forget my helmet, and thus drive around like a madman!
**We were headed to the Kenyan Embassy when the "incident" occurred. 

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