Tuesday, 1 March 2016

'Campala' Care-Packages

One of the best parts of living away from home is the always anticipated 'care-package.' I have written about it previously upon receiving a much needed* and appreciated parcel from home. But this time, things were a bit different. This time, it wasn't as simple as walking downstairs to pick up whatever awaited me from home - no, it was much more complex than that!

In November I was informed that a few packages had been sent my way. As per the instruction of our landlord, I passed along this information, so that she could be on the look out for it. As it neared Christmas, however, there still was no word of their arrival, so I began contacting the landlord to see if she had been given notice. Nothing. December turned into January. Nothing. But in early February, around the time of my birthday, I received a call that there was mail awaiting me, and I was pretty excited!

Of course, this is not the end of the story. I didn't just stroll down to my local post office because a) I had no idea where it actually was and b) I wasn't even sure it would be the correct post office if and when I located it! Instead, I had to source out the location of the nearest office - a task that was far more difficult than it should have been. I then paid them a visit, only to find out that it was not, in fact, the correct location. This meant I had to make my way into the city centre, which isn't a big deal, except the driver I had at the time wasn't willing to take me there. Then the election happened.

Last Friday, I had another appointment with the dentist** which happened to be just down the street from the dental office. I thought this would be a quick trip, which was further amplified by the fact that my dental visit lasted a short 20 minutes. However, it took multiple attempts in multiple offices to locate the actual desk I needed to show my delivery notices to in order to get them. In other words - dental appointment... 20 minutes. Picking up three packages from home... 40 minutes. Sharing a laugh over the address my grandmother wrote... priceless.

Seriously though, when the young chap working the desk handed over my packages, the first thing that caught my eye was the (mis)spelling of 'Kampala.' This of course made me giggle, which caught the attention of not only the sir working the desk, but also the three other guys in line behind me. When I pointed out what I was laughing over, they joined me. They especially enjoy the fact that it was sent by my almost 90-year-old grandmother. She's pretty cute, and this had made my day!

The label on the package from my grandmother. Note how she spelled the city name! Love her!
Once I got back to the office, and over the adorableness*** of the label mishap, my co-workers were eager to find out if there were some maple treats enclosed. Unfortunately there weren't, but I think they were equally happy about the candy canes! Also included were a scarf and a pair of HBC Canada mittens - which will come great in the blistery +30°C winter temperatures we're experiencing here at the moment! I also received a book I'd been looking for for a friend called Hand Drawn Halifax. I was especially pleased to learn that not only were some of my favourite places in the city included, but my hometown of Porters Lake was even given a few pages! And that NEVER happens!

Just a few of the contents of my care-packages! Thanks to Grammy and Scott
for sending some reminders of home! And yes, those are Christmas napkins! 
So, despite the semi-crazy route to receiving these gifts, it made for a great start to an election-free weekend... which happened to include a little adventure. Check back soon for all the details!

-the Orange Canadian

*A girl can only go without maple products for so long... and she'll have to go a little longer! 
**This time it was less scary, as I didn't have any surgical-esque things to address - just getting fitted for a new bite plate!
***Wow! That's ACTUALLY a word!

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