Thursday, 25 February 2016

Proud 'Mommy' Moment

Being from the first graduating cohort of a unique program in the delightful little town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, I think I get bragging rights to all of the really cool things the students past and present are doing. I am frequently in touch with many of my Acadia friends and family, so I'm often updated with the goings on of my undergraduate program - Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ESST). If you're interested in a degree that's hands on, yet academic, you should probably have a look at it. After all it gave me not only the skills, but the confidence to pursue the career I'm slowly sculpting for myself.

The Town of Wolfville hides University Hall and Acadia's beautiful campus.
Last year, I received an email from my friend and former professor/supervisor Dr. David Duke, informing me that he was about to go on stage for a TedTalk he was giving at Bishops University in Sherbrooke, QC. Ever since, I've been checking back to the TedTalk site in search of his speech, and time after time I was unsuccessful. Then, just a few weeks ago, he emailed again to tell me the talk had been posted, but didn't attach the link.

It was during my search that I discovered another favourite professor had just given a talk, along with one of my fellow classmates. This, of course, left me both excited and extremely proud. And I hadn't even seen any of them yet.

David sent me the link to his talk shortly after the original email, and I soon discovered the links to Emma and Alice's talks through the good 'ol Book of Faces. I watched the latter two by myself, and shared David's talk with my flatmate. The amount of pride I felt for not only the ESST program and what it's achieved in the last several years, but also for my colleagues, my friends was and continues to be pretty great. Watching Emma talk about her current research, hearing David and Alice talk about the many and growing number of accomplishments of the current and past cohorts of ESSTers, as I like to call them, was overwhelming - but awesome!

Check out the links below to see just how amazing my people are!

Emma-Lynn Wallace is a 3rd Year ESST Honours Student:

Dr. Alice Cohen is a fellow water researcher/enthusiast. She was a big influence and is one of the reason I am where I am today:

David, I am honoured to call a friend and can attribute much of my academic success to him. Also, he's got a pretty cool family, that do really cool things:

If anyone is interested or knows anyone interested in the ESST program, please put them in touch with me or any of my ESSTers, who you can contact via the ESST website.

-the Orange Canadian

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