Tuesday, 8 December 2015

You didn’t think that through, did you…?

Recently while scrolling through Facebook, I noticed someone had posted something about the Government of Nova Scotia’s new job-for-graduates program. While I don’t know the full details of this program, I understand it as a series of government positions rolled out over the next few years that are very entry-level. The intent being, that students fresh out of university and new to the job market have some options that don’t require you to have double the amount of years said individual has been on the earth in experience*. But here’s what made me chuckle about this post – it has one winning tagline: “No experience, no problem. The Government of Nova Scotia is hiring.” Way to sell yourself ‘Scotia! Obviously that was not thought out entirely, in the same way that a parent would neglectfully name their child Ima Hoar or Harry Pitts.

Photo Credit: Facebook
But, its not just poorly contrived taglines that I appear to be encountering as of late. Nope – there are some pretty special acronyms, as well. I mean, I used to volunteer on an addictions awareness committee called CRAC (pronounced crack), and the Canadian Opera Company, known as COC, used to sell merchandise that read, I (heart) COC!).

Photo Credit: Canadian Opera Company (2013)
Here in Uganda, there is an agricultural extension program that is currently on hold called the National Agricultural Advisory Service, or NAADS. Now, those of you with a mature mind probably don’t see the humour in this, but allow me to explain. ‘Nads’ are the street name for a certain part of the male anatomy – the gonads. And while, yes, I would get a hearty ‘ol chuckle out of hearing the word nads being thrown around every once in a while, it’s only augmented in humour by the sentences this acronym finds itself in. For instance, in a recent meeting, a facilitator uttered these delightful words: “we’re also going to look at the NAADS – it’s quite a mouthful.” Or how about this gem found in an academic journal article I was reading; “NAADS continues to distribute inputs.” You can’t make this stuff up! It’s actually that good!

Anyway, that’s my random, immature thought for the day… or past few weeks. Heh… nads.

-the Orange Canadian

*As a recent job seeker, I can attest to the validity of this statement.

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