Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Results are in - I'm a...Master...?

Remember this?

Photo Credit: Lisa Ma

Yeah, I was pretty much on the verge of… shall we say, ‘up-chucking’ when I submitted my Masters dissertation 3 long – painfully long – months ago. Now that time has passed, the results are in, and oddly enough, I felt the same sense of nausea when checking my mark as when I submitted mid-August.

Anyway, I’m very happy to announce that I have successfully complete my Masters degree, making me a ‘Master’ in Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction. I can honestly say I was quite fearful about the outcome of my dissertation in particular. Having not had my supervisor read anything I had written prior to submission, I had absolutely no idea of how it would work out in the end. But I passed, just missing a distinction* by a fraction! 

So now that I’ve contacted my family, and shared in the excitement with my co-workers and flatmate, it feels pretty anti-climactic. BUT, on the up side, at least I’ll be able to sleep tonight! Seriously – who give a two-week window?

-the Orange Canadian

*The UK System is weird. How does a 60-range mark equate to an A- in the Canadian system?!