Tuesday, 10 November 2015


One of the magical things about travelling outside of your home is the experience of new foods, cultures, languages, and just everyday life outside of what you know. Last week, I was lucky enough to partake in one of these experiences.

If you haven’t guessed by that brief introduction and the title of this post, it involves grasshoppers - or, perhaps more specifically, one grasshopper in particular. Now, I don’t want you to think that Ugandans eat a diet consisting of grubs and such items straight out of the Lion King. But, let’s be honest, some of these buggers (see what I did there?) are a good source of protein. So, when Aaron excitedly came home with a bag of deep-fried chilli-coated grasshoppers, my initial reaction was… no way man! This took me by surprise, as I’m quite adventurous when it comes to trying new foods – plus I’d eaten ants and cockroaches dipped in chocolate previously, so this one seemed pretty tame. But, Aaron persisted. And after a few attempts, I finally gave in. Not because he’d finally convinced me that they were most certainly a delicious snack, but because he used the most persuasive words any youngest sibling knows* – I dare you to eat it. This was then followed by I’m going to film it – which is equally as influential in my decision-making process.

Photo credit: Aaron Wolf
So, I reluctantly agreed to this challenge. There was resistance, moments of uncertainty, ridiculously over-exaggerated squirms and faces, but overall, not a bad experience. And, lucky for you, you can see for yourself.

Would I willingly seek them out for everyday consumption? Probably not. But, it was an experience I’m glad I accepted. There’s still a number of those suckers left, and sitting patiently in a plastic container, with their beady little eyes looking innocently at me any time I take a peek. It’s potato chips only, for this girl.

-the Orange Canadian

*Aaron is not my sibling.

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  1. Cheyenne has taken up the "eating of worms" at school this year. I will have to show her this video!