Thursday, 15 October 2015

Honey - We’re home!

It’s been a stressful few days here in Kampala; the kind of stress that comes with moving in general. That is, being dropped in a new setting without a permanent home makes for a stressful few days searching for a pad, and a place to be able to unpack your things and not wear the same 2 outfits everyday… even if I do really love them!

We had searched a number of potential locations, but none fit the bill… literally. Most of what we saw was either our entire stipend, or just short. But then, out of nowhere, a lady appeared and told us of a vacancy. And the result, you ask? Well, it is with great pleasure that I announce, we are moved in and getting settled! Aaron unmasked his stellar negotiating skills, and we scored a nice flat, in a nice location. Well done, roommate!

Celebration selfie! And yes, I know... I'm drinking a Coke.
(Photo creditL Aaron Wolf)
The view from the balcony! What a beaut!
If you squint hard enough and know what to look for, you can see my office!
The living space and dinning room
The kitchen 
My bedroom!

Overall it appears to be pretty quiet… except for the small child that insists on crying over pretty much anything (reason #3459 for never having children – still on you, Michael!).

And of course, you can’t move into a new place without a welcome gift! …or perhaps an unwelcomed gift. I’m sure those of you who know me can guess where I’m going with this. That’s right – I opened the fridge only to be greeted by a cockroach. YUK! Thankfully, Aaron handled the situation far more calmly than I am now (I feel like they’re all over me!), but then foolishly informed me that there were two, not one. It might be a long six months… for Aaron.

But, it hasn’t been all bad*! Yesterday after a successful day of searching for the perfect home, we decided to explore the neighbourhood we’d been living in the past few days. We took a few different directions, and had a good chuckle when we realized what we were doing… In Uganda, ‘white people’ are referred to as ‘Muzungu**,’ which literally translates to “person who wanders aimlessly.” And, as it happened, we were doing that just that – wandering aimlessly!

-the Orange Canadian

*And, please do not take the above as negative, it’s more so me being tongue-and-cheek about it all.

**May not be the correct spelling.

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