Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bless them Rains in Africa!

It should come as no surprise that I welcomed the rain that fell today. Yesterday upon my arrival I could see the rain in the distance. I was told that because it rained on the day of my arrival that I was blessed. But today, my first Sunday in Uganda, just like my first Sunday in Ghana, the rain fell, and I soaked it up… both figuratively, and quite literally! I talk a lot about my love of the rain, but I don’t think anyone fully understands my fondness for it until they see me standing in the yard covered only by the roof that is the sky, and just embracing the gentle kiss of each drop. If you haven’t noticed, I have a highly romanticized view of the rain!

Soon after, Rodgers came to pick me up, to take me for a drive and to have a bit of lunch. We went to Lake Victoria… or should I say one small part of it! Along the waterfront, there was a market and a hotel that served fresh tilapia. This is where we had lunch. And, I’m proud to say that I ate an entire fish all by myself, using nothing but my bare hands! And it was a big fish. After lunch we took a stroll around the market and along the water, where Rodgers examined each of the boats with great interest. But, as we waited for our lunch to be served, the rains once again began to fall, only this time, they were accompanied by thunder and a few bursts of lightening. Even after the rains had passed, I could still here the rumbles near and far. I was thankful that all had passed by the time we started our walk around the water and market, though, as it made it far easier to wander.

Lake Victoria
On the way back to Visitor’s Village, Rodgers took me to the Hotel Diplomate, which also serves as the Pakistani Consulate? This, of course, was not the purpose of our visit, but rather to gain a view of Kampala. And it was quite the view. But, perhaps, what was most stunning about it was purely due to our arrival just as the sun was setting! The oranges that were painted across the sky were so beautiful, as they highlighted the buildings that decorated the hills surround the city. It was a perfect way to end a nice day out!

View from the top!
On a side note, I’d like to wish all my Canadian friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. May you take a moment to reflect all that you are thankful for, and all that makes you appreciate the value of your life. I, for one, have an endless list of items, people, and experiences that I am truly thankful for.

-the Orange Canadian

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