Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Nice Cup of Warm Water...

So, I haven't processed or even begun to look at my pictures from Iceland yet, but I have had a good few days reuniting with some of my favourite people (and still awaiting time with some of my other favourite people). Yesterday, in particular, was special, as it didn't involve reuniting with a specific person, but a specific place. You'll know by reading past posts, that I often struggle with the concept of 'home', but where I ended up yesterday was pretty much as close as I can get - beautiful, sunny Wolfville. And yes, I know, I didn't tell any of my Wolfville/Acadia peeps that I was in town, and I apologize. My rationale was that I just wanted to soak up Wolfville for what it is. Don't worry, I'll come visit again before I head off!

Anyway, the morning started off by running Uganda-related errands - handing in my contract, making appointments, and sourcing insurance. Then I picked up my bestest pal, Matthew and we made the journey home... my home... Wolfville.

I know a lot of you have made jokes about the name of this amazing little town, but you have no idea just how beautiful it is here. I have to say, I couldn't have asked for a better day, weather-wise. The sun was out in full force, but the fall-like temperatures made it perfect. Here's a short video to rub it in!

Our first stop (after Joe's for Scotskins!) was to Reservoir Park, where we took in the stunning views and enjoyed a nice walk around the ponds. I have to admit, I set a pretty big expectation of dog sightings, for which we saw a total of three... as we were leaving. Oh well, it was still a nice stop. It was also really neat, because as we were trying to snap a self-photograph, a couple of ladies who were also enjoying the park asked if we wanted one of them to take the picture for us. Of course we accepted, but because of the shadow created by my nose, all of the pictures give the impression that I don't have any front teeth!

Non pas de teeth. <- Not actually French.
(Photo credit: Random stranger via Matthew's phone)
A self-photograph. Note me actually having front teeth.
(Photo credit: Matthew Hughson)
Next we took a drive* on the backroad alongside the highway to take in some spectacular views.

My favourite view in the whole world.
Seeing Blomidon from the highway makes my heart whole - and that's when I know I'm home!
And of course, you can't have a trip to the Valley without a stop at the Look-Off - especially when it's this sunny! But be warned, some of the tourists don't quite understand sarcasm... so make sure you don't find yourself saying things like "well this is a terrible view" because you'll end up getting the stink eye. How anybody could make a comment like that and mean it, I can't understand!

The view from the top - the Look-Off that is!
Same, just more of it!
Next we paid a visit to Halls Harbour - a part of the Valley I can't recall ever being. The tide was coming in, so it was nice to have a sit on the wharf and watch the water begin to stream in. It was also quite peaceful to just relax by the waterfront taking in the natural beauty of Nova Scotia.

Halls Harbour 

Then, we got lost... and it was fun at first, but then I had a bit of a temper tantrum. There were a few f-bombs. And then some sushi. All was good.

On the way home, we decided to make a quick stop at Evangeline Beach. Matthew noted an old church along the way, and we ended up checking it out. The property surrounding it was awesome. But, perhaps most incredibly, we were able to walk in, have a sit and test the acoustics. It was such a quaint little building - so much character in such a small space. It is completely run by the community. I may not identify as a religious person, but I gotta say, the lack of community in society today that was associated with church is one aspect that I wish we appreciated more.

This church is found enroute to Evangeline beach. It was built in 1861. Amazing acoustics.
A view from the church's surroundings.
Anyway, we did make it to Evangeline Beach. We watched a bit of the sunset and enjoyed the sounds and smells of the ocean. Then, we popped in some Michael Jackson, and made the trek home.

A view of Blomidon from Evangeline Beach
Beautiful sunset at Evangeline Beach.
It's good to be home... But, while this was one beautiful homecoming, it sure makes it difficult to leave again. I sometimes forget how incredible my home is, but it never ceases to amaze me when I see it. I love this place... 

-the Orange Nova Scotian

*Note: this was a very environmentally unfriendly adventure.

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  1. I love the valley too, nice to see you smiling :)