Friday, 14 August 2015

Oh Mista Sheffield!

Anyone remember this fabulous television gem from the '90s?

So you'll no doubt understand why this was the first thing that came to mind when my friend suggested a day trip to Sheffield: (Skip forward to 2:56, or just reread the title of this post...)

(Sorry...couldn't find an actual clip from the show...)

This actually has nothing to with adventure number two of my pre-dissertation editing extravaganza, but, it's a great example of how my mind works.

Yes, folks, I made my way to Sheffield. I caught a mid-morning train, and sipped a good cup of joe while taking in the views along the way. I will say, as my time in the UK nears its end, I will miss the ability to just wake up, jump on a train, and see some of the most magnificent views of living simply.

Anyway, I arrived in Sheffield, and once again, the distance discrepancy kicked in. I arrived thinking I would need plenty of time to explore the town, but really only a few hours were needed. I didn't have any pre-determined points of interest upon arrival, but I knew there was an indoor garden and cathedral to check out. So, I just wandered around.

I immediately was taken by the old-timey buildings spread out amongst a series of far more modern structures. I noticed a church in the distance, which I thought might have been the cathedral and began walking towards it. It was not. It was actually the Cathedral Church of St. Marie. I walked in and sat down, as I usually do, and observed the interior. And before I knew it, I was in a prayer service. It was actually quite nice. And short too! After the service was over, I left the church in search of the cathedral.

That's the Cathedral Church of St. Marie poking out on the right hand side there.
It's almost entirely surrounded by shops, so it was hard to get a picture of it.
Classiest Sainsbury's ever!

When I eventually came upon the Cathedral there was only one phrase that came to find: Well...kinda hard to miss that, isn't it?! In other words, it was huge! And, since it was such a nice afternoon, there were plenty of people picnicking with family and friends, reading, and just taking a moment to soak up the sun. I walked all around it, and then entered. It was stunning. Probably one of the nicest churches I've come across along my travels. It's ancient and yet modern... I'm not really sure how else to describe it.

Sheffield Cathedral.
The Nativity inside the church.
While I tend not to take pictures in churches, this one I felt compelled to take. Why?
I couldn't figure out where Jesus was. And, it turns out that very TMNT Secret of the Ooze
cylinder that Joseph is holding there is him... Zero points for observation on my part! Oops...
One of the ladies working in the Cathedral told me to check out the Winter Gardens (the garden I had mentioned at the beginning-ish of this post). So, I made my way there, but noted the that the town hall and Peace Gardens were on the way. I didn't get a shot of the Peace Gardens, unfortunately, but mainly because there was some kind of a fair going on and there were 8 million* children running around screaming. Apparently Sheffield and I do not agree on the definition of "peace."

Town Hall
I'm not sure what I was expecting the Winter Garden to be, but what it was, was definitely not it! It's pretty much just a row of trees and assorted plants in the middle of a building. I'm not saying that this isn't worth taking a look at, because it makes for a nice escape from the sun, while still feeling outdoors. However, I suppose I was hoping to spend longer than 2 minutes wandering around a garden.

They don't have any dinosaurs, but they do have one pretty gigantic snake...
My final stop was for lunch and coffee. Upon the recommendations another friend, I paid Tamper Coffee a visit. Here I enjoyed one terrific cup of coffee and some pretty delicious food. I would definitely recommend a stop to anyone visiting Sheffield.

The sign outside of Tamper. It goes well with the super rustic charm of the interior!
After lunch, I made my way back to the station. A good day's break from life in Manchester and dissert-ing. Just as I did on the way there, I grabbed a seat and daydreamed as I gazed out the window of the train, taking in the landscapes.

Sheffield's got some pretty big balls.
A church in the distance on a hill overlooking the station.
Sheffield Station, and a super sweet water wall
-the Orange Canadian

*Slight exaggeration. Maybe 10s of children were running around screaming.

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