Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Dad(s)

Well, it's Father's Day. The purpose of this day is to celebrate all of those guys who have successfully entered fatherhood. It tends to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June, and was first observed in 1908 in the United States. Since then, it has transitioned into yet another 'Hallmark holiday' which pushes the consumerist agenda, guilting children consumers in to purchasing an array of items for the purpose of making dad feel special. Interestingly, the most popular gifts continue to be ties, sporting goods, car accessories, tools, and electronics. But what does this have to do with who my dad is? Well...nothing, I just thought I'd throw in a little factual context into the day.

My parents split up shortly after I turned two. Although it has never officially been confirmed, I feel it's fairly safe to assume that I was an attempt to save the marriage. A failed attempt, obviously. And, for the record, I really bad method of marriage counselling!

Anyway, my brother and I spent the majority of our time with our Mom, with weekends designated as "Dad's time." But, as we got older this time became less and less - partly because our lives changed, and social lives took over, and partly for other reasons I don't fully want to get into. My father was always present in our lives, but usually at a distance. My Mom on the other hand, was predominantly both our Mom and our dad. And she owned those roles fearlessly, confidently, and with minimal resentment (which I'm sure must have been trying at times). Then, about 20 years ago something changed. Mother dearest met a guy, fell in love, the rest is pretty much history. A history that I am so thankful for... and on so many levels.

I have been blessed (for lack of a better word) with a series of strong male figures throughout my life, starting with my grandfather and of course my brother, both of whom I've spoken of previously. I've had a few teachers and professors, co-workers and bosses along the way. But of course my step-dad, Scott, as well.

Mom and Scott at Mom's 50th birthday celebration.
Scott is a retired teacher. In fact, he was Michael's Grade 6 teacher. Scott's relationship with my Mom was a game changer - not just for her, but for us kiddies, also. He quickly took an interest in our lives - coming out to concerts, award ceremonies, and various events and activities over the years. He has always been a positive influence, teaching us about patience, loyalty, kindness, and the art of finding a good deal! He has an undeniable knack for making people laugh...usually brought on by some unimportant detail, which he makes into a ridiculously hilarious situation! He is weird and crazy, and I love him.

At my undergrad graduation... like I said, weird, crazy, and funny!

Happy Father's Day, Scott! May you enjoy a sunny day of conceptualizing in the yard today!

-the Orange Canadian

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