Saturday, 2 May 2015

Home Stretch: Part One

There is a light in the distance. This I am certain. It is quite possibly the same light that awoke my tired body at the ripe 'ol hour of 5:52 am on Thursday morning. And awake I most certainly was.

Over the past several months, I have been adapting my work habits to reflect a less than healthy routine. I used to be someone who prepared far in advance. But, I spent the past week and a half scrambling to find the motivation to write my final four papers for the taught portion of my Masters degree. Procrastination has created a dangerous monster, in that so far, my best results have come from last minute efforts. Let's hope it doesn't fail me now. Literally.

It's been a tough nine-ish months. First, enduring the loneliness that comes with moving to a new place without really knowing anyone. Second, the disappointment at my realization that I wasn't being challenged enough by my studies. And third, the general ups and downs of life, studies, and attempting to purposely deprive myself of coffee. However, at 8:14 am BST on Thursday morning, I submitted my final essay. It's over. All of it. And now, it's just me, 12-15000 words, and the ideas I wish to workout that stand between this moment and completing this chapter of my life. This is the home stretch. This is the part I've been impatiently awaiting since September!

The days that followed have been busy. I've been trying to complete a few projects and prepare for a much needed adventure sans-technology. My eyes are burning from the endless hours spent reading articles and regurgitating them into pseudo-intelligence in the form of a 3000 word essay. I'm excited to see a good friend, and then be left on my own to see several countries in a very short period of time. I plan to spend this time reflecting on life, sorting out the mess of ideas in my head for post-graduate projects, and taking the time to relax and just check in with me.

May is set to be one hectic month, but I'm looking forward to what's ahead! If these first few days are any indication, it is sure to be a good one. There will be many adventures, a bit of stress related to sorting out my dissertation, and hopefully just the right balance to make both of those work. Right now, I faced with a mean case of unrest. I've definitely been giving in to my inner travel junkie. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, but it's not conducive to an overly productive anything! I'm really hoping that this next adventure (which is set to begin in just under 24 hours), will allow me to decompress enough so that I can push forward through these next few months.

So, my friends, it is with that, that I must say 'so long' for a little while. BUT, I'll be back with (hopefully) some great stories to share.

-the Orange Canadian

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