Friday, 20 March 2015

Best first day of spring EVER!

This morning I woke up early half groggy, half motivated. It's the first day of Spring, which for everyone except the Atlantic provinces of Canada, seem to be experiencing a typical Spring morning. You know, a bit cool, a bit sunny, no snow. But, this isn't just any first day of spring, it also happens to coincide with a partial (for those of us in England) solar eclipse!

Here's what it looked like outside at 7:30 am:

By "what it looked like outside" I think I meant "what the sun was looking like"
Just after 8:00 am, I pretty much took over the kitchen, setting up my video camera in hopes of capturing the big event. It was strange to see so many people standing around outside at this point - particularly as it was clear they'd been out there for a while. As the time of the eclipse grew closer, the crowds also began to gather!

I wonder how many people skipped classes to witness this?
Also, I've decided I'd like to be a spy...
The action didn't really begin until closer to 9:00 am, or perhaps a little bit after.

Eventually my camera battery died, but I captured a good portion of it all. Unfortunately, it didn't take to well to the extreme sun blaring at it. So, fair warning, if you're gonna check out the video below, know that some of it is good, most of it is a bit blurry. Either way, it's been time-lapsed.

If you managed to survive that, well done. Here's a few more shots of the eclipse. It's pretty unreal!

If you look closely, you can see it through all the clouds. Thanks, Manchester... 

Just as I was calling it quits.
Now, for all of you Nova Scotians, be sure to check out the lunar eclipse happening on April 4th at 6:30(ish)am! Also, I hope the snow melts away soon without causing too much damage. Well, I hope for no damage at all, really, but I think you get what I'm saying.

I hope everyone has a Happy Spring! I'm going on break in a few days, so I'll return soon with more tales of various adventures abroad.

Be well,

-the Orange Canadian


  1. BEAUTIFUL Shots!!!! Thanks for the heads up for April 4th!!!

    1. I wish to live vicariously through you - so snap some pictures yourself and send 'em!