Saturday, 14 February 2015

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

It's official folks, I've survived the big 3-0! I apologize for the use of that terrible quote from an even more terrible film "13 Going on 30!" Like the milestone of transitioning into a new decade of one's life, the celebration that accompanied it was a solid reflection of my hopes for my thirties: positive, epic, and filled with the kind of laughter that leaves you in pain!

Most of my day was as it usually is, but after a meeting and completing a very short tutorial (only half of us showed up!), it was time to let loose and party, party, PARTY!! Now, of course, for me 'party, party, PARTY' consisted of trying to keep awake long enough to actually get through the planned evening - dinner and some good 'ol fashioned karaoke!

Nine of us gathered together and went on a zig-zagged scenic tour of Manchester on our way to a burrito joint we had planned on eating at. We didn't make reservations, thinking it was a Wednesday night, why would it be busy?! was packed, as was our second choice - a burger joint. Luckily we found a spot willing to take on the lot of us, and it turned out it was a pretty good thing we ended where we did - the food was amazing! We all sat around and chatted about random things from what a "good burger" consisted of to how to use a female condom. You know, the usual for this group! Nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like the intricate instructions of alternative contraceptive methods!
My beautiful birthday flowers from Samah and Arafat,
and my flashing '30' badge from Laura
(Photo Credit: Arafat Safi)
At dinner.
(Photo credit: Arafat Safi)
(Photo Credit: Arafat Safi)
As we were preping to leave Correction, as I thought we preparing to leave, the lights dimmed and I saw my friend Cillian approach with something on fire. It took me probably far too long to realize that he was holding cake with a single candle (I'm old now, so I can't manage to blow out more than one candle, apparently...or I'd set the place on fire if all 30 had been on it!), and the lights were dimmed with the accompaniment of the oddest "Happy Birthday" mix, I've ever heard! It was amazing! As was the candy covered, mega icing-ed, red and green 'sliver' of cake!

After passing the cake around, we actually packed up and made our way to a nearby karaoke bar. I had booked a room (because that's apparently how karaoke happens here), and we met up with four other friends to have two fun-filled hours of terrible '90s tunes with a smattering of other some newer, some older tasty jams! Our room came complete with multiple inflatable instruments, a tambourine, and a round of birthday shots, on the house (ironic, since the birthday girl doesn't drink!! This is now how I make friends...) It was so much fun to just sit around going from song to song, singing together. No one was trying to upstage anyone, no one hogged the mic, because unlike any other time I've done karaoke, we all participated...for every song! Well, all but one...which is why Celine Dion made an appearance. My Canadian friends, I hope you can forgive me for such indiscretion! Somehow we transformed from IDS students to fairly decent hip hop artists. Seriously, move over Jay-Z...step aside Kenny West, Lemon and Ginger are here!

(Video credit: Russell "Josh Groban" Beaumont)

The gang!
(Photo credit: Junefe Gilig Payot) 
Apparently we were all really feelin' Whitney's "I Will Always Love You!!"
(Photo credit: Junefe Gilig Payot) 
Some more of the gang!
This is what happens when Celine Dion comes intense sing-off!
Looks like we were getting pretty tired by this point...
(Photo credit: Junefe Gilig Payot) 
We even had an appearance by the one and only Josh Groban*...who, oddly enough didn't know his own songs. Weird...

When our time was up, we discovered that microphones are pretty much the greatest things ever. It was at this point that we pretended we were on a talk show. I'm sure we gave it a name at some point, but really we just rambled on about embarrassing stories of a particular friend, and played an 'exciting' game of Green Room. Hey! I just realized that the name of the game doesn't work... Hmm...

Anyway, after about a half an hour, we got booted out, and our karaoke highs were dashed as we began our walk home. It was a great night! was a late night! Rolling in just after 1:00 am was certainly a new one for me, and probably not one I'll be getting used to, being as I slept for twelve hours the next night!

I'm so lucky to have such great friends who spoiled me and made me feel special...and only slightly old! For those of you that came out, thanks for making it what it was!

Yes...that IS a Canadian travel guide...and some 'Emergency Moustaches'
- because you never know when you're going to need a moustache! 
My birthday flowers!
Listen up kids...this is what you get when you ask an Irish friend
to dress up like a leprechaun (man that IS a tough word to spell!) - one
riddle, every half an hour! I've learned my lesson... next time
I won't ask, I'll just bring the outfit.
The next day, I staggered to buy the largest caffeine possible (yes, I said 'caffeine' instead of coffee!). My hand and leg were bruised from my enthusiastic tambourining, and I somehow made it through the remainder of the day (including a morning class and an afternoon tutorial!). When I returned home, I was greeted with my first ever care package from my big Brujjie! I even received birthday greetings from Prestige Worldwide!!!

Birthday care package including Java Blend dark roast coffee!!
Note the cards both from Mike, AND Dale Doback and Brennan Huff! 
Mmm...tastes like dinosaur!
Until next time,
-the (Aged) Orange Canadian

*As a means of protecting his true identity, Josh wouldn't allow us to post photos of him. This statement may or may not be true, but is most definitely not true. There just weren't any pictures taken of him in action...

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  1. This is the start of a new decade for us both!
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