Wednesday, 25 February 2015

One Word: Falafel

Have you ever had one of those moments where you know you're craving something, but you can't quite put your finger on it? This has been me lately. I'm a creature of habit. I tend to stick to a schedule, partly as a means of keeping a consistent system, but also out of laziness. However, the last few weeks have been presenting a bit of a challenge to me. I'm ready to branch out a bit, in the food-away-from-home department, but just haven't decided what I'd branch out to yet.

So, after chatting with my pal, Laura (Lemon, of 'Lemon and Ginger' fame), she informed me that I needed to get groceries (something I have avoided for the last few weeks). AND, since the grocery store was in the same direction as she was needing to walk in order to catch the tram, it was decided I would do this.

I never made it to the grocery store. Instead I picked up a few things from a fruit and veg stand and decided I would just make something myself. But then, as it usually does*, peer-pressure kicked in. Laura informed me of the lack of falafel intake in my current diet. So, we crossed the street, and I am proud to say, I have lost my falafel-virginity to a slightly shady, yet delightfully welcoming falafel shop. It had samples...and FREE is my kind of price!

I ordered. I paid. This photo was snapped.

(Photo credit: Laura Dempsey)
I walked home. Entered my room, and opened up iMovie. It was time to document a momentous event in my life. And folks, I'm here to tell you, life as I knew it will never be the same. That falafel changed my life.

-the Orange Canadian

*Note: I do not usually fall to peer pressure...except when it comes to food and pushing my comfort zone. Decisions are usually carefully considered, particularly when risk is concerned. 


  1. Decent.


    I have never had one either!

    1. Find one, SC. Find one and don't look back!