Monday, 22 December 2014

No Snow, But At Least There’s Hockey!

One of the things that I was most excited for upon my return to Nova Scotia for the holidays was the endless amount of freshly fallen snow I had been anticipating for weeks. Much to my disappointment, the days leading up to my arrival involved very little accumulation of the fluffy white stuff. In fact, it had been raining…heavily for days! So, when we cleared the heavy fog and touched down on the tarmac in Enfield, I was pretty confused and disheartened. But, I thought to myself it is Nova Scotia, the weather will change, I will see snow before I go back to the UK! Well, the forecast suggests otherwise…and so far, the unreliable Weather Network had been accurate.

The first week since I arrived involved countless hours of Netflix, and little else. Thursday I made my way to my former stomp-grounds – Wolfville, to visit with some friends, professors, and to execute Operation Tampon (my one Christmas gift purchase – unlikely necessities purchased in Wolfville, for the local food bank). Unfortunately, it was rainy on this day too, so I didn’t get to snap pictures of the beautiful views that I have come to know and love over the past three or so years. It took only seconds before familiar faces were waving hello and making me feel, once again, at home.

After a busy day of many of the people I love, and my one and only shot at the gluttonous festivities of Sushi Fang, I braced myself for the drive home…with the company of my favourite winter friend, SNOW! I was pretty pumped to see the delicate flakes, although I was a little concerned about having to drive in it (the snow I had imagined would only fall when I was snuggled in a warm blanket next to the fireplace, with a cup of tea, and a good book). I attempted to take some pictures when I arrived back safely to my brother’s, but it was far too dark. 

Luckily, I was able to snap a few photos for photographic proof of this light snowfall, before it melted away a few hours later.


A few hours later...
On Sunday, I joined my step-dad Scott for a game of Midget Triple ‘A’ hockey – the team he and Mom followed for years. Some things never change…the waft of sweat that both comforts and nearly suffocates you the moment you enter a rink, and the nostalgic mural that has existed on that one wall since you can remember. As a Canadian, I had to fulfill my duties of at least one game… and of course, who can resist the intense moments involving the Zamboni?

Anyone remember this?

Our team won, and Scott and I made our way to Costco, to brave the masses shopping for last minute Christmas ‘essentials’. One of the highlights of my time home, will most certainly be the amazingly decorated car, consisting of a sleigh on the roof, with a fully decorated Christmas tree (lights and all, presents under the tree), and a small hitch with 4 tiny reindeer on the back. Each of the family members in the car were wearing reindeer onesies, while Christmas music bellowed cheerfully out of their rolled-down windows. There isn’t much about this season that I enjoy, but this was certainly one for the books.

All in all, it was a fairly low-key, but good first week back in Canada! A new week is about to begin, and I’m sure the rest I have been stocking up on over the last number of days will be needed…

-the Orange Canadian


  1. Can you access Netflix in the UK or non?
    I don't even remember this snowfall that you speak of...

  2. You sure can! ...but it's limited.

    It happened. I took pictures! :)