Friday, 5 December 2014

"It's Africa raining hail right now, with an impressive thunderstorm!"

It's no secret that I love weather - rain in particular - but really I enjoy a variety of weather.

I'm currently in the middle of end-of-term crunch time, with two essays due in less than a week. I've spent several afternoons tucked away in one of two independent study rooms (nothing like those dingy, dark closets at Acadia - which for the record I have determined I prefer). Today, the time I could book was an hour earlier than what I am used to. Within minutes of arriving, it began to downpour. It ended as quickly as it came, but I spent those few brief moments gazing out the window, taking it all in.

Fast forward three hours. I walked back to my flat, and just as I'm getting settled back into 'essaying' the sky darkens, and it began pouring again. This time, however, I was treated to a nice bit of thunder, before the rain disappeared and hail started dropping. HAIL. Torrential down pour, African rainy-season, downpour IN HAIL FORM! Unfortunately for you (well, those of you reading who were not near a window in Manchester at this time), by the time I grabbed my camera, it had ended. But, I'd just like to tell you how unbelievable amazing those few moments were. It's the closest thing to snow I've seen in months, and, I'm exactly one week away from returning to Canada. If anyone could see me, I'm pretty sure I was a small child in a candy store on Christmas morning with an unlimited bank account, and all the choice one could dream up! Perhaps, it was a "we've missed you" present from the east coast.

It's now back to gloomy cloud cover, with a mix of light rain and a calm sunset in the distance. Back to the books, I guess...

-the Orange Canadian

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