Sunday, 28 December 2014

I’m dreaming of a …wet Christmas?

Well folks, climate change is among us! For the first time in years, Nova Scotians woke up to a rainy, brown Christmas. I, being in Nova Scotia, was saddened not to be surprised by a light covering of overnight snow.

I spent Christmas Eve at my Grandmother’s on the South Shore. It’s one of my favourite spots in the province, as it’s surrounded by trees on three sides, and St. Margaret’s Bay on the other. Usually, when we wake up on Christmas morning we are greeted by white, this year was much different!

This year Santa brought us THREE natural swimming pools!
At least we had a nicely decorated tree to sip our coffee around!

Grammy and I opened up our gifts and made breakfast. Michael joined us later on, just in time for lunch. The three of us spent the bulk of the afternoon reading (and nodding off), before we made what can only be described as the garlickiest Christmas dinner ever. Dinner consisted of garlic-roasted chicken, with roasted garlic baby potatoes, and garlic and bacon brussel sprouts. Afterwards, we. Smelled. Awesome. Once the dinner dishes were done, we began the initial stages of prepping a turnip casserole, and of course, heart-attack mashed potatoes (a 2-day process!). 

Boxing day has always been spent at Grammy's. On this day each of Mom's siblings and their families would converge for a day filled with food and up until a year or so ago, an episode by episode recap of the Simpsons. This year was quite a bit different. For starters, there was still no snow, BUT a pretty massive difference from the previous morning!

Just after 7:00 am.
An hour later!
The water was very peaceful!
Secondly, only about half of the usual crowd was able to attend (11, down from the typical 18 or so). We almost fit at one table, which was pretty neat! And, I (along with a little help from a few willing hands), prepared my first ever 4kg prime rib with all the fixin's! I have finally succumbed to my role as a woman... seen and not heard, and busying away int he kitchen preparing food for my family! It doesn't take much to realize just how much I have become my mother...and that's one thing I will never be reluctant to accept (except for the constant worrying...that can go away at any point!). It made for quite a busy day, and by the time everyone left, Grammy and I could only find the energy to grab a cup of coffee and sit by the tree. 

The next morning was once again beautiful. I spent the bulk of the day working on essays with quickly approaching deadlines that I have been neglecting for the past week and a bit. Panic mode is starting to sink in. 

In the afternoon, I went for a walk along the trail close by. It was a bit later than I had planned, but it ended up being the perfect time. I only encountered one other person, which happened at the beginning of my adventure - which was probably a good thing, given the amount I have taken to having deep conversations with myself out loud! Usually I get a wonderful afternoon in the woods in the fall, but being as Manchester has a tree population of -94 875, this walk would have to do. There is nothing more cleansing that being surrounded by nature! Here's a sampling of my walk:

Last year the tree line was snow-covered, and the water was partly frozen!

Clear-cutting for the new highway exit!

St. Margaret's Bay

The trail head
The view from the top of my grandmother's driveway!

The evening consisted of a little childhood reminiscing with Grammy in what we refer to as "Craig's Room" which is pretty much a closet off of my grandmother's bedroom. I learned last night that it was originally designed to be a kitchen, and that the entire upper floor was supposed to be an apartment! Although it was never completed, it became the storage facility for many books and toys I used to enjoy while visiting Grammy when I was a small child (or a month and a half away from being 30!). Anyone remember these gems?

I'm now back in the connected world, and days away from my return to the UK. I'm not sure if I'll have any new posts before the end of this year, so I'll wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! 2014 has had many ups and a few downs. I lived in three countries, and I have grown immensely! 2015 is sure to be another exciting year, and I hope you will all continue to follow me on whatever adventure lay ahead!

-the Orange Canadian


  1. Happy New Year Emily!
    Love following your adventures, wishing you all the best in 2015. ;-)

  2. I have enjoyed glimpsing 2014 through your eyes Em :)

  3. Thanks to both of you! Happy New Year!