Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Girl's got skills!

Well, I'm happy (although slightly nauseous) to report that two out of my four major assignments have been submitted. Why I thought that assessments based on one, single essay for my mark was a good idea, I'm not sure. I'm having flashbacks to a certain undergrad prof who temporarily stripped me of my confidence by informing me I was not a writer. Thankfully I have an extremely supportive/good pep-talking brother and some amazing friends who settled my nerves post-submission. I am a writer! ...just not an all!

Last night I treated myself to an night off of essay-ing to support my pal, Rosie, who is currently in the Royal National College of Music's production of "The Merry Widow" - an opera by Franz Lehár. For me, the night was made before I even set foot outside of my flat, as I had an excuse to put on a nice dress and relax! Of course getting to see Rosie in action, was pretty awesome, as well!

Let me say this, I met Rosie through a few of my roommates in my first year at Acadia, and then had the pleasure of working with her when Pete's first opened in Wolfville. Until last night, the most I had heard her sing was carrying along to the soundtrack of whatever was entertaining us during monthly (weekly!) inventories. I knew she was talent, but had no idea to what extent! Mark my words, the girls has pipes - big, powerful ones! From the first note, I was amazed that this tiny lady could produce such an impressive sound! I had a proud mama moment throughout the evening - even though I had nothing to do with anything related to her or her talent!

The production itself was delightful! I quickly became engaged into the storyline, and shared several laughs with the rest of the audience. (Sidenote: the audience itself, by the way made up for a recent comment by one of my flatmates who informed me I was old and fat, for the theatre was filled with people at least double my age!) I could hardly believe that these stunning costumes and perfectly placed sets were part of the cast's education. The work that went into it was incredible. Nothing like the few productions I attended at Acadia. To say it was a step up was an understatement - more like several flights! And hey, I've been in my fair share of school plays, but they were more like the "Be Kind, Rewind" version* of what the RNCM puts on! And, rightly so - they are training these students to become professional performers and musicians!

Afterwards, I met with Rosie for a drink. It was so nice to sit and chat about end-of-term recaps and reminiscing on the good 'ol days at Pete's! Seriously first-summer-Pete's-crew, we need to have a reunion!

All in all, it was a great night! The rain even held off for me, so I didn't have to put use to the umbrella I bought for the rain I thought I'd be encountering here (I'm told I haven't seen anything yet, so I may regret this semi-sarcastic comment!)!

Now that I've been cultured, I plan on spending tomorrow relaxing, and running some final pre-boarding errands, before I head back to Canada for a quick visit. That's right - this girl is heading home! First term is two remaining essays away from being complete, and although this has been a difficult semester, I am looking forward to what next term brings. In the meantime, I'd ask that you all please cross any body parts you can to hope for smooth weather as I make the trek home!

-the Orange Canadian

*For those of you unaware of "Be Kind, Rewind" it is a terrible, slightly offensive, yet amazing movie about a couple of guys who remake classic films in an attempt to save a video store. It stars Jack Black. Enough said. 

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