Saturday, 15 November 2014

50% everywhere else, 0% Canadian

Over the last six months, I've learned a lot about myself. Well, I guess I could say over the last 18 months... I've learned many of my flaws, my strength, my passions, what I want from life, and so much more. I've learned the shortness, and at times, abruptness of life. I've learned the impact one person's life can make. I've learned how to laugh, take a breath, and live in the moment. The last one in particular, is something I wouldn't necessarily attach to myself two years ago (although I am still guilty of thinking far beyond today)!  

Last night,  in what is becoming a conclusion to "Tutorial 'Hell' Week" tradition, I went out for dinner with a gang of friends - some newer, and some newish (...really 'newish' is actually a word?). And, like the 'tradition' of these nights out, it started with drinks, which two hours later resulted in quite the debate about where to go to eat. Now, let's just clarify one thing here, one person in particular tries effortlessly to get us to go to one location, and we all agree, but then when the time comes to eat, we all inadvertently change our minds and insist on going to Curry Mile (the complete opposite direction). For me, I do this mostly because, although most times I like to be a good human being, I do enjoy occasionally being a jerk, but also because by this point I'm so hangry that I don't want to walk the distance to the originally "agreed upon" spot.

Photo credit: Khalis Noori
When we arrived to our newly decided place of pending massive food consumption, a variety of dishes were ordered, and we happily passed around plates of things for everyone to share. It was pretty amazing - I don't feel that this is something that would happen back home, and in all honesty I instantly became overwhelmed with just how much was on our table! Perhaps the greatest part of this dinner was just sitting back for a second and realizing the range of nationalities plunked around the table, which led to some amazing conversation about geography, politics, languages and history! I'm fairly certain I learned more in those two hours than I have all term! This, is a true "university experience"!

Photo credit: Khalis Noori
I am reluctant to post this photo, mostly because I can't figure out how I look so abnormally formed...
I also appear to look strikingly like Tweeg from Teddy Ruxpin!
But what does this have to do with what I've learned about myself, and how I've come to question my 'Canadian-ness'? Well, one debate we had between bites was on the level of spice in each dish. On one side of me, I had a delightful chap from Afghanistan with a self-declared spice-intolerance, and on the other two heat-enthusiast men from India. The majority of the dishes ordered were of the mild-spice level, all of which were tasty! But, to test the spice-tolerance, of myself and my Indian friends the "spiciest curry ever" was ordered. Most people at the table refused to even try it. I guilted my heat-intolerant friend into taking one bite, and I basically shared the rest with the two guys to my right. This, my friends, is when it was declared that I have the "stomach of an Indian," for I did not find any of it uncomfortably spicy (and as a result, I think we now have a new challenge of finding something that is)!

So, over the last six months, the list of 'anywhere but Canada' associated traits I apparently have, has been growing. Things I apparently have:
1. The belly and behind of a Ghanaian
2. The accent of an American (probably the most offensive of all...haha)
3. The hair colour of the Irish or Scottish (depending on the person)
4. The humour of a Brit...or Dad (again depending on the person)
5. The spice-tolerance of an Indian
I have to say, I'm looking forward to discovering whatever other multi-cultural attributes I have. Especially since I apparently fail at living up to many of the Canadian stereotypes - loving/playing hockey, living in igloos, dog sleigh transportation, putting maple syrup and/or ketchup on everything, or saying 'eh' after every sentence...

-the Orange (not-so) Canadian

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