Thursday, 31 July 2014

Down to the Wire: The final week in Ghana…

The time is nearing the end of my stay in Koforidua. Just a few days short of my 12th week since I arrived in Ghana, I am struggling to grasp where these weeks have gone. Don’t get me wrong, while for the most part it seems like I have only been here for a few weeks, there have certainly been moments which made me feel like I’ve been here several lifetimes. The desire to stay is growing more and more every day, as I begin to say my good-byes to the friends I have made during my stay in this stunning country. And again, don’t mistake me when I say I am reluctant to return to Canada. I miss home (or whatever that now is), and the many friends and family I left behind three months ago. But, this may very well be my final post until I return to the East Coast.

So, what’s the final week been like? Well, thankfully fairly quiet. Yesterday we had our final activity, which means that the remainder of our time here will consist of finishing up activity reports, attending a series of debriefings, packing up our things, and enduring the difficult task of saying good-bye.

It is with anticipation of seeing all of you wonderful people that I miss so much back home, and a heavy heart at the thought of leaving the life I have become accustomed to here in Ghana, that I shall say so long for now… unless of course something truly awesome happens in the next few days. Otherwise, until I have safely returned to the other side of the Atlantic…

-the Orange Canadian

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