Monday, 19 May 2014

Spotted: Conrad Murray

So here it is the first Sunday I am in Ghana. So far my experience has been good. One of my fellow volunteers, Megan (who insists I share with everyone that she's awesome - which she is), invited me to join her for church, to which I accepted. This was partly out of curiosity and partly because I didn't want for here to go alone the first week. Well, it turned out that church was cancelled that week due to a conference in Accra. We started on our walk home when we passed by a Pentecostal church. Being as neither of us had experienced church in Africa we decided to see if we could join in. There were two seats at the back, which we had hoped we could sit on, but they insisted we sit at the front, where everyone proceeded to either video or take pictures of us as we walked to our seats. This level of "celebrity" is something we've experienced since arriving in Ghana, but perhaps not to this extent.

Church was already in progress when we arrived, so the room was quite lively. The preacher (or whatever he's called - ignorance is bliss!) Was practically yelling at those in attendance. And that's when I realized, either Conrad Murray was before me, or he has a relative in Ghana! This of course was only the beginning of what turned out to be one of my top 10 most terrifying moments in life! What followed was something I'd watched in a Donna Seamone class. On a screen it seemed interesting, but when a grown woman is twirling around screaming and then falls to the floor a foot away from you convulsing because the spirit found her, it's not quite the same! Needless to say I'll be passing on this in the future!

Sunday ended on a spectacularly high note - our first African rain! I captured some video of it which I'm hoping to be able to edit together and post here. It was so refreshing after a fairly warm few days. Most of us watched it from the front porch, while a few others danced about in the yard. It was absolutely breathtaking ago witness the power of the rain. And thus began rainy season...

-the Orange Canadian

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