Monday, 12 May 2014

One year ago today...

One year ago today I awoke to the sound of my Gramma giggling. I had just been dreaming that I was in Africa, and that I awoke to see the continent I have longed to visit for sometime. Little did I know that at that exact moment she passed away. Now, one year later I am hours away from departing for that trip to Africa... What a crazy year this has been!  

Perhaps it is lack of sleep, or the fact that I still have about 20 items left to complete on my todo list, which is preoccupying my mind, but I feel surprising calm today. This is unusual for me to be in this state prior to a trip of any kind! I think, really, it may just be the fact that for the first time in my life I feel fearless. I feel strong. And, I've also swallowed my Malaria pills two days in a row! 

Yesterday I did something I was reluctant to do - attend my undergraduate graduation. Despite the fact that I got a lovely sunburn, and was forced to say 'good-bye' to an overwhelming amount of people, I'm actually really glad I sucked it up and went! I'm thankful I had these final moments with so many people that I love, because as I've learned this past year, we have no control over what happens in life. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew I loved them, and appreciated them, regardless of whether they were physically in attendance, or there in spirit! This way, if something happens to me throughout this pending journey, or something happens to one of them, there are no regrets. 

My heart is so overwhelmed with happiness and love from the last few weeks of the various visits and activities I have involved myself in. Seeing the pride on my brother, step-dad, and grandmother's faces has made everything I have been working towards worth it - even if it meant not having my Mom there to share it with. 

I cannot wait to share my coming experiences with you! See you on the other side (of the world!)! 

the Orange Canadian


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