Wednesday, 7 May 2014

It's all beginning to sink in...

It's hard to believe that just over 5 months ago I received the phone call telling me that I had been accepted into the placement I am less than a week from departing for. Where have these days, weeks and months gone?

As May 12th nears closer and closer, I will admit, I am becoming more and more anxious. Really, this started a little over a week ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic after finally realizing that I only had 2 weeks left in the country I have lived my entire life, minus a few weeks of vacation over the years. Everything I have ever known is about to change. While I am extremely excited for these coming experiences, I am also becoming increasingly nervous. The idea of leaving my family and friends for 12 weeks is now overwhelming to think about, but this in itself is something that excites me, for I am realizing this trip isn't about running away from all that I have been faced with this past year. I'm about to embark on adventure I have been dreaming about for nearly half of my life! How crazy is that?!

One thing that has been really amazing over the last few weeks has been revisiting old spots I loved as a child and as I grew into adulthood, while rekindling and reinforcing some amazing friendships along the way. In the last few months, I have reconnected with a friend from nearly a decade ago, visited a trail I used to use to train when I was running, attended a concert from my favourite childhood musical act the Backstreet Boys with my childhood best friend (and one of my present day best friends), I've spent time sitting under a tree collecting thoughts and daydreaming about what's to come, and had endless cups of coffee and laughs with many of the people I love just to name a few things. I have never felt more overwhelmed with love and support as I have this past year. I have never felt so lucky to be surrounded my so many people who are eagerly awaiting tales from the road. People who are equally, if not more, excited for my journeys ahead. It is all of these things that make my heart fill with so much happiness that it makes my eyes cry! I am one lucky gal.

It is less than one week away from departure. It is less than one week until I realize a dream I have dreamt since I was a child - even if the context and motivation has changed (although I'm still determined to snuggle a lion!)! I am saying good bye to everything and everyone I have known and loved, and despite the panic that washes over me, or the sadness I sometimes feel when I think about how much I'll miss home, for the first time in my life, I am ready for this. Holy doodle! I am ready to live!

the Orange Canadian

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