Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Candy Cane Tour: Preamble and Introduction of Baby Emma

It's hard to believe that five years ago today I took my first solo trip. I think of May 14th as "Emily's Independence Day" because up until that point I'd been pretty much afraid to do anything on my own.  What started as a disappointing reality of not having friends wanting to join me on an Alaskan adventure ended up being one of the best things that could have happened to me. Not only has it made me realize how much I love to travel on my own, but it was also the moment I began to understand what I was capable of. ...not that travelling on your own is any major challenge, but it kind of is in it's own way. Over my travels, I've met plenty of people who couldn't imagine solo touring. But... people(!) you learn a ton about yourself, plus you don't have to compromise and cater to what other people want to do, because every decision is entirely up to you (which for those who know me, is actually quite a challenge for me, as I'm generally quite indecisive).

Taken on May 17, 2010, enroute to the Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm just outside of Juneau, Alaska
My latest adventure, which I have affectionately named the "Candy Cane Tour' due to the candy cane-like shape of the Google Maps plot. And, while it was a pretty sweet adventure for the most part, it unfortunately did not involve any presence of candy canes. But, to be fair, I wasn't actively looking for them, either, so I may have just missed them... in theory, or at least in my head, it looked like a candy cane...
The Candy Cane Tour is officially my longest adventure yet, as far as just general sight-seeing/tourist adventures go. Over eleven days, I visited five cities in four countries. I barely scratched the surface in each stop, but it was a good 'taster' tour. Throughout the eleven days I had some incredible adventures, including a reunion with one of my favourite Acadia buddies, and also some not so fun times, which I tell myself I will laugh at in years to come...or more likely as I attempt to recapture these events within the the preceding posts.

BUT, perhaps one of the most exciting things to happen on this adventure didn't happen within my trip at all. Nope. It took place in my home province of sunny, Nova Scotia - the birth of the first great-grandchild, Emma. Now, I've not received official confirmation, but being as 'Emma' is so close to 'Emily' I think it's safe to assume that she's really named after me... the number one cousin! Anyway, I'm pretty excited to meet this little nugget, because she looks pretty freakin' cute!

Baby Emma, stolen from Facebook... 
So, with that, shall we head to stop number one?

-the Orange Canadian

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