Monday, 16 February 2015

The next step in realizing my dream of becoming a rapper

Today I took a downward spiral and became a crack dealer. I resisted it at first, mainly because I hate speaking in class. But when I looked down at the page, and realized I'd get to drop a few f-bombs in class, I accepted my new found role.

Of course, I'm not actually a crack dealer. I was asked, or rather volun-told, to be one of 9 lucky students in my Development Research class to portray one of these roles. Thankfully, I wasn't assigned the one that required the Irish accent, because we all know it would end up sounding Jamaican in the end. Doubly so, because I had the shortest part - it's like the lecturer knew...

But, I made the best of it and attempted to channel my inner druggie. After all was said and done, I can only conclude with on simple fact: I'm far too old and pasty to be saying things like "Word."

(Photo Credit: Laura Dempsey)
-the Orange (street-cred building) Canadian


  1. Can we get some audio of this?


  2. The f-bombs - no.
    My rap skillz -